Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Yesterday I made a bunch of new friends on facebook and I run into a question on a group I've joined: Why do you blog?
 It left me ...thinking...really why?

First reason it comes to mind is that I need to clarify my thoughts about redefining myself. I need to think deeper about identity, interpersonal relationships and sincerity, not necessarily in this order.

I want to live a more intentional life and to resist to things (and people!) that would cross my desires and try to compel me to follow their wishes and to control my life. Yes, I have a very specific person in mind who does that.

Then, I'd like to form a vigilant eye in order to filter the meaningful things of life. Don't want to ever stop for the artificial, facile, light or meaningless. In other words, to find my way. Never is too late for that, hope that blogging will help me to accomplish my goal.
And I'm looking for  receiving some  feedback from my readers. When they'll arrive there. :)

Not least, I'd like to become more confident telling people about me, my dreams, my life, my opinions. I must confess I am curious to see how will be received by the public.

Cappuccino was great today.

Have you ever seen the forest?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My first post

I used to think at mature people as not having anymore emotions in public speaking, and now that I am a mature person realize how far from truth is that assumption. Unfortunately. And more, that there is not a such a big difference between virtual and offline life when comes to having stage fright. I always felt anxious speaking in public and I feel the same tension while posting here this message. Feels like there are millions eyes terrestrial and extra-terrestrial watching me, although I didn't even click that publish button yet. I wonder if anyone who have ever started a blog felt the same way at the beginning and I would really appreciate a good advise on how to overcome this strange sensation.

Recently, I came across the internet and read about a famous blogger, Heather Armstrong, who write on her blog about her personal life, with all the ups and down that come by. Now her blog looks to monetized for my taste and there are posts that don't appeal to me, however, she managed to be a professional blogger and is actually making a good living from blogging. I thought about how she must have felt in the beginnings. Except for histrionic personality people, I cannot imagine someone feeling at ease writing about personal stuff. I wanted to read first post - I am curious about how she started - but didn't find it. My readers will definitely know which post was first. :))

Anyway, back to me. I have started this blog today, 28 of June 2016. I should celebrate somehow, sooo...what about a cup of cappuccino? Rum cappuccino? Yeah, sure. Enjoy it!
Although it might look like I know what I/m doing, that is deceiving, I have no idea in the world.
Well, that's all for now, see you in the morning.